Best Savings Apps of 2016

Creating a budget is the first step in understanding how careful saving and planning can improve your personal financial situation. But identifying and sticking to a budget that fits your lifestyle can seem daunting, timely, and difficult. Luckily, we have anytime access to the most unique financial advisor that is available at the palm of our hand.

If you are wanting to save money, create a budget, or set specific financial goals for yourself then these free budget apps could easily help keep your finances in line.

Mint Budgeting App

Mint is one of the best budgeting apps on the market because it houses your entire financial life in one place while also being free, convenient, and easy to navigate. Mint collects all of your financial information by connecting to your bank.

The app helps you create a customizable budget according to your personal accounts, automatically updates you so you have a clear understanding of your finances, offers personal recommendations to help you reduce your spending, alerts you about unusual account activity, and includes a free personal credit score.

Level Money

Level money is a money planning app that helps you strategize your present and future financial situation. This app focuses on basic tools and services to give you a clear visual of how much money you can afford to spend.

After syncing your accounts to the app, Level Money generates an estimate of how much money you can spend on non-essential items in a month. This app concentrates on estimating a spendable amount for you to reasonably splurge while staying on a comfortable budget.

PocketGuard Budgeting App 

PocketGuard is a budgeting app designed to link with your personal banking accounts to help monitor your spending habits, bills, and understand where your money is going.

The app specializes in showing you where you are spending your money, pinpointing what you are spending the most of your income on, and forecasting what costs you need to budget for in the future. PocketGuard gives you a virtual look into your own finances to track your spending and preparing for future expenses.


Wally is a money management app that stresses the importance of personal budgeting in our everyday lives. The app gives you an entire view of your financial information to let you easily understand and see where your money is being spent.

The app has various services to help personalize a budget specifically for you. Users can quickly create custom budgets, view their expenses, and generate multiple financial goals. A unique service that Wally offers is a social and location tool. The tool allows users to track where they are spending their money, how much money they are spending, and who they are spending their money with to give a 360 view of their financial situation.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a comprehensive budgeting app that helps you track and understand your bank accounts while providing help in financial planning, spending, and saving. The app will summarize your current financial situation and will then offer investment guidance.

The app allows you to track every single transaction by categorizing every expense by date, merchant, and category. Personal Capital also offer two tools to help you plan for your financial future: Retirement Planning and Investment Checkup. These two tools allow users to be financially cautious of their future by planning for expected and unexpected life events.


Buxfer is a simple to use budgeting app created specifically for people who want to produce easy budget plans for themselves. This budgeting app provides strictly the basics so users know exactly what their financial situation looks like without all of the hassle.

The app securely downloads your financial transactions from your banks to routinely update your accounts, explores your past and present expenses to help you predict future expenses, and offers budget alerts on your phone to warn you when you are about to surpass your personal budget.

There are numerous financial apps available to download that will automate a custom budget specifically for you. These apps can not only create an exclusive budget for you but can also help you learn healthy spending habits, warn you about potential money mistakes, and support your financial goals. Depending on your wants and needs, one of these apps could be a perfect fit for you and your financial future.

-Holly W., Marketing Coordinator


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