Financing Options for Your Business

A Common Sense Approach to Starting or Expanding a Business

You’ve decided to start a business. You researched the market, developed a business plan, identified interested clients, found suppliers to support you, and worked with a variety of resources to check and double check your plan. You are ready – except for one thing: you need money.

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Introducing: Quick Chip by Visa

How many of us have been swiping our debit card without waiting for the transaction to complete? Well, now that Visa has introduced Quick Pay for EMV, you are ensured the same fast and easy payment processing while using your more secure chip card. For more about the benefits of the Quick Chip system check out the infographic below.

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Is Your Business Ready to Make the Switch?

Is your small business ready to make the switch away from all-cash payments? Whether it’s credit card solutions or echeck solutions, you need to be ready for the next wave of the technology shift. If you’re one of the 76% that’s tried some type of ePayment solution but did not completely switch, check out this infographic from our Partners at Deluxe.

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Is a Rewards Card Right for You?

Do you like to travel or dine out? You probably do some grocery shopping and put gas in your car on occasion. Would you like to be rewarded for making these everyday purchases?

If you pay your credit card balance each month and have good or excellent credit, then a rewards credit card may be right for you.

But, is it worth it?

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Protecting Your Business From Fraud – EMV, Encryption and Tokenization

With the upcoming switches to EMV, Encryption and Tokenization technology, you need to make sure that your small business is protected. The more layers of security that you utilize at your terminals the less likely you will be subject to fraud due to a breach in security. For more information on how these three levels of protection can benefit you, see the infographic below.

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Using Credit Cards Wisely

So you’ve been eyeing that shiny new grill or 65-inch LED TV from a large online retailer. Maybe you don’t have all the funds at this time or maybe you just don’t want to tie up all your cash with such a large purchase. That’s where a credit card may come in handy. A credit card can be a great tool to increase your purchasing power, allowing you to borrow money to purchase items at the point of sale.

But if it isn’t used wisely, your credit card purchasing habits could negatively affect your creditworthiness, or a financial institution’s willingness to let you borrow money in the future. That could mean difficulty getting financing to buy a car or home, getting approved for another credit card or even prevent you from being hired for certain jobs—yes, some employers do check candidates’ credit history.

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